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The story of FORO is inspired by a true and beautiful youthful friendship. The term means "From One Rock to the Other". While walking on the beach two friends found the most beautiful stone. It appeared as if it was dropped from the heavens. One friend picked it up and gave it to the other saying “here you go, from one rock to the other". The rock was so unique it was dusted off and brought to a jeweller to make it into a pendant as a lifelong keepsake. ‘Rock’ became a symbol of love and strength for these friends as they navigated their youth. They grew up and lost contact for over ten years. When they reconnected, they reminisced on old times and how their friendship and bond shaped their lives. Even though they moved on and started new lives apart, the keepsake of that rock was frequently worn as a reminder of how one person, one relationship, one friendship can shape you.  

FORO represents the rock of strength and fortitude that these two friends found and used to build themselves up.

FORO Hats are manufactured and embroidered with the industry’s highest quality and care. Whether you are affirming that you are solid as a rock yourself or you want to let someone know that they are your rock in life, FORO Hats want to be part of your journey. We are all kings and queens of this earth so put on your crown and tiara and walk in strength and love.


From one Rock to the other